Different fender ends, distance measured from rim to rim: left 300 mm, right 290 mm.
Not in the picture the third version with 295 mm.

The fenders had different shapes of the curved ends. Considering the picture in the first prospectus, we can see that the fender ends were not less curved than the later versions.
We have to be careful with measuring in millimeters, because obiously there was a broad straggling. In my collection there are three rear fenders with totally different shapes of the curved end.
The rim to rim distance of all the three fenders is exactly 280 mm, and in the front part of the rear one it is equally 290 mm at all of them. This means the difference is only in the rear area.

To have no misunderstanding here, the three samples still have their original paintwork, so they are not restored neither modificated later.
We had plans to remanufacture the hinged part of the fender, which is really often missing. But due to the different shapes of the curved end, a serial remanufacturing of the hinged end is impossible. If it is missing, the shape of its curved end has to be redesigned individually corresponding to the front one.

The rear fender should have another modification, introduced in the Technical Bulletin No. 41 that deals with the latest clutch mechanism version. The metal of the fender should be bulged a little in the area of the clutch adjuster screw, as the screw came back some millimeters due to the new flange.