Oil sump

Regarding the Bergmeister engine, it becomes obvious that this motor was a child of the genious designer Richard Küchen.

Oil sumps in old (left) and new (right) version

No other motorcycle engines had a so plain surface design, the only "attached" parts are in deed the both cylinders and -heads. Without superfluous external parts or tubes and pipes peole say his aim for esthetics was so strong that he should have designed the engine block first and should then have "added" the necessary parts like crankshaft etc. into the housing.

Following the principle of "function follows form" Küchen even took only one single carburetor for the V-twin engine.

To support the plain design, he even decided not to lead the fuel-air-mixture directly to the cylinder heads, but to make use of a crotched tunnel through the engine housing, making its way though the cylinders to end in an 150 degree curve to finally reach the combustion chamber.

The guys of the Victoria competition department coped with the lack of power, using twin carburetor cylinder heads, but they were unable to merge another failure of that plain design:
The Bergmeister engines have not (an never had) the best reputation of being thermical balanced engines, being ridden "sporty" or with a sidecar, the "temple of power output" tends to overheat.

Relief is promised by an oil sump extension ring, projected and used by Manfred Sprenger and Peter Keller for more than four years. With a height of just fourty millimeters the engines oil reservoir is extended by one liter.
Even summer temperatures could not harm the engine anymore, as well as stop-and-go traffic (which was not so common in the Nuremberg of the early fifties) would no longer increase oil temperatures.
The design of the extension ring is adapted to the one of the standard oil sump, integrating itself harmonically to the engine design.

Oil sump extension ring, projected and manufactured by the Victoria IG (Owners club), for 1 liter more oil and a thermically healthy engine.

The cooling fins are milled deeper that those of the standard oil sump, increasing the temperature effective area. Nobody will mention that looking at the mounted extension ring, it perfectly hides away behind the lower frame tubes.
However, hiding away its qualities is not necessary, it comes along ready-to-mount with two gaskets and longer M7 screws, available from the Victoria IG (Owners club).