Two versions of the shifter reset spring

There are two versions of the reset spring in the shifting mechanism. Only the original version with the two springs with square cross section is documented in the parts catalog.

But there is no engine number given and also no hint, when they changed to the version with the single spring. This single spring is turned four times and has a round cross section.

A change made to the gearbox oil level was announced in the Technical Bulletin No. 56 from January 1955, or to be more precise, from engine no. 4000 on.

As the most engine/gearbox units got mixed up by last 40 years repairing and restoring measures, we would recommend to check the level marks in accordance with the sketch shown on the left, and to add a new mark if necessary.

Changed oil level marks as requested in the Technical Bulletin No. 56 for all engines from no. 4000 on.