Kick starter:

Kick starter: Left the new version with the swivel joint at the bottom as it was used from the engine no. 2044 on, on the right the early version, used on engine numbers up to 2043.

Up to an engine no. Of 2044 the old kickstarter was used (see right picture). This could be swiveled into operating position only at its top end and is the only one that is documented in the parts catalog. The design of this kick starter with the wide overhanging arm was an obstacle to comfortable riding.

Due to this the new kick starter with the joint arm was developed, which fits better to the gearbox housing (see left picture) when not in the operating position.

Many riders attached this new kick starter to their early Bergmeisters in order to improve the riding comfort.

The stable and robust early starter was used by the Victoria racing team for the competition Bergmeisters.